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Gami SRL offers planning, installation and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services on industrial production plants. Consulting and training overhaul of spindles and rotary tables with certification and garantee.

It was born in 2019 from an idea of Anna and Ivan who wanted to change the approach to the world of work. Their idea is based on a professional, fast, versatile, and very flexible relationship with the customer.

But at the same time their intent is to create a comfortable working environment in which employees can feel part of the company.

Over the years they have created various collaborations with prestigious companies, both as customers and as suppliers.

All this was possible thanks to the transparency that still remains the strong point of GAMI S.R.L. and to the professionalism of the collaborators who are happy to work with them.

They are convinced that the growth of a healty company is only possible if human relationships within it are respected.

Areas of expertise:
Robotic islands, automation, machining, automotive, assembly lines, bodywork, hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC programming and industrial plant engineering on the machine.

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