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REVAMPING machine tools

We offer a machine tool revamping service, such a complete mechanical overhaul through disassembly, system verification, cleaning, replacement of worn components, to bring the machinery back to its initial performance.

Furthermore, through a retrofit operation it is possible to improve the electrical, electronic and technological aspects, adding new functions such as for example connectivity, the basis of the Industry 4.0 concept.

The advantages of these operations lie in the optimization of energy consumption (thanks to the better performance of the new components), the reduction of the possibility of failure, the increase in productivity (thanks to the new functions added), the reduction of overall costs.

There may also be tax benefits, by complying with certain requirements, for those who modernize pre-existing plants, thanks to the 4.0 transition benefits.

The result of these interventions is a machine with performance equivalent to the new one but with considerable cost savings.